Quality repair work

​All repairs are carried out according to the quality standards and certified with a final inspection.​


Politeness and mobility

We will provide the necessary mobility support to solve your problems linked to your broken down vehicle and allow you to continue to get around.​



All repair work is planned according to your requirements and those of the workshop so as to keep to the time frames established for returning your car to you.​


Vehicle inspection

Your car will be checked in your presence to verify its condition and discuss with the mechanics the work to be performed and any additional operations required.​


Transparency and completeness of information

​All stages of our repair work will be explained to you in detail and you will receive all the information you request.​


Professionalism and skills

​We know your car and we are able to assist you in all repairs, with the support of skilled experts and technical databases.​


Customer service

We provide information on models, services the sales network and the dealerships, and we offer your solutions to your problems.

You can contact the I am Jeep® Customer Service using the Universal Freephone Number 00800 0 4265337, using the "Contact us" tab on the home page of this website, by downloading the I am Jeep® Mobile app available free of charge on Apple Store and Google Play.