What does the warranty include?

The purchase price of your new car includes a warranty
that starts from the handover date and has no mileage limits, and includes:

  • 24 months of vehicle warranty or 36 months up to 60,000mile
  • 24 months of warranty on the paintwork
  • 7 years of perforating rust warranty for panels visible from the outside and 2 years for all other panels.

Specific conditions and exclusions are shown in the Warranty Booklet you will find in your car.

What does the spare parts, accessories and repairs warranty include?

​Operations requiring payment or installation of accessories carried out at a Jeep® dealership are covered by a 24 month warranty without limits of mileage (spare parts subject to wear are not included). The warranty includes replacement or repair of the concerned spare part or accessory and the manpower needed for the operation.
You will be asked to display the receipt of the previous operation and proof of payment for the spare parts, accessories and repairs warranty to be applicable. With these documents it is possible to go to any authorised dealership in Europe.

Can the warranty be extended?

The authorised dealer network has the ability to offer you a range of warranty extension products giving you the option of extending the comprehensive warranty offered on each new car.

Is the conventional warranty an extension of the vehicle warranty?

No, the conventional warranty covers faults on the main electric and mechanical components of your car. See contractual conditions for detailed information.​

Why are genuine spare parts recommended?

Because only who created, designed and manufactured your car really knows all its details.
Genuine Spare Parts are the result of our constant commitment to researching and developing innovative technologies. Each part undergoes strict checks during design and production to ensure reliability, comfort, performance and safety over time.

Where can I find a list of the accessories available for my car?

You can find the complete range in the specific Accessories area organised by model with codes and prices. A dedicated area is provided on the website page for each model. Accessories can be configured on the 500L configurator page.​

Why are genuine accessories recommended?

​Because only who created, designed and manufactured your car really knows all its details.
Genuine Accessories integrate perfectly with all the mechanical and electronic parts of your car. Accessories undergo strict checks during design and production to guarantee reliability, comfort, performance and safety over time.

What is Blue&Me?

With Blue&Me your car changes with you. You will be able to call your friends, listen to your favourite music, utilise a navigation system and access a world of services that you can adapt to your driving needs and requirements. All of this can be done in complete safety by never taking your hands off the wheel. For more information you can check the FAQ section on http://www.blueandme.net/blueandme/index.aspx/index.aspx?brand=fga&lang=en

I have lost the car radio code. What can I do?

Take your car to a Jeep® Dealership with your personal identification document and the log book as proof of ownership.
The Dealership will ask Fiat Group Automobiles for a duplicate of the car radio code for your specific car.
You will be charged for this operation. Issuing the code duplicate will take about one week.

What is UConnectTM?

UConnectTM is a combination of touchscreen, steering wheel and vocal commands that will enable you to concentrate on the road whilst having access to any information or entertainment you may need. Your UConnectTM will let you call who you want, and is integrated with some of the latest navigation and entertainment systems. It was designed especially for people who are always on the move and who will take advantage of all the features it offers. For more information please visit https://www.driveuconnect.eu/en

Is it possible to change the language settings on UConnectTM?

Yes, by accessing the settings menu you can select the language you want for the radio. For more information please consult the frequent questions section through this link https://www.driveuconnect.eu/en/frequent-questions

What are the UConnectTM LIVE services?

The UConnectTM LIVE services allow you to access your personal digital world through the vehicle radio head unit. On vehicles that are enabled, the LIVE applications can be utilized through the UConnectTM head unit in a simple and specific way that will limit the driver’s distraction. To start using LIVE features you need to download the specific UConnectTM LIVE app on your phone and login using a FCA account. For more information please consult the frequent questions section following this link https://www.driveuconnect.eu/en/frequent-questions?language=en#4.

Can I fit tyres of the same size but with different speed ratings on my car?

​Yes, tyres of the same size but with different speed ratings can be fitted on your car without asking for authorisation (for example from Q160KM/H max to R 170 KM/H max). You must ask for authorisation in all other cases.

How can I ask for authorisation to change tyre size?

To fit tyres of different size from that shown on your Owner Handbook, ask your Dealership for information on the tyres which can be fitted on your type of vehicle provided by the Fiat Group Automobiles Type-Approval and Design Department.

What is the difference between a 19” M+S (mud and snow) and a M+S winter (thermal) tyre?

M+S tyres are suited to various surface types (mud and snow) and replace snow chains for the purposes of the Highway Code. There are four-season M+S which can be used all year round and M+S winter (thermal) tyres which are specifically designed for use in winter and ensure better performance on snow and ice.

How is the Fix & Go kit used?

You will find instructions for using the Fix & Go kit correctly in your Owner Handbook and on the leaflet inside the kit. Read all the instructions carefully before use.​

What is a Safety Recall or Service Campaign?

Safety Recalls or Service Campaigns indicate a requirement to attend to a vehicle or component of a vehicle that has a defect or non compliance issue. This is to ensure total efficiency and safety of the vehicle itself.

What action needs to be taken if notification of a Safety Recall or Service Campaign is received?

Should you receive a Safety Recall or Service Campaign notification you will be asked to contact an authorised dealership or Service Centre to book the necessary intervention. A list of our authorised dealerships can be found on.. http://www.jeep.co.uk/find-dealer/. It will be necessary to have your vehicle chassis number to hand, this can be found in section 4 of your Vehicle Registration Document.

Are there any charges?

Safety Recalls and Service Campaigns are free and not chargeable to the customer.

Is a Courtesy Vehicle provided?

A Courtesy Vehicle may be available depending on the time required to undertake the Recall and subject to availability. When you call to make an appointment, the dealership representative will be able to clarify any queries and advise you further.

How do I find out if my car is subject to a Safety Recall or Service Action?

To find out if your car is subject to a Safety Recall or Service Campaign you will be required to call the Customer Service line on 00800 04265337 or to visit an authorised dealership who will carry out the necessary checks. Either way you will need to have your chassis number to hand that you can find on your Vehicle Registration Document.