You can call Jeep® using the Telephone Number* 00 8000 426 5337 from the major European countries*. Use our rapid dialling system - on your phone key 00 800 0 IAM JEEP.

*Remember to check the costs of the call if you call from abroad or from a mobile phone.

I am Jeep® Mobile is the original Jeep app for all motorists. You can access a range of services and assistance at the touch of a finger, wherever you are: store key dates for your vehicle, consult the Owner Handbooks, find your nearest dealership or service centre. The app is regularly updated with new services and functions.

I am Jeep® is Jeep®'s Customer Service team on Twitter. It offers you assistance and information Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. Tweet publically or send a direct message to @JeepCareUK to find support and solutions to meet your needs from our dedicated team of operators. You can also find I am Jeep® Social using the #JeepCareUK hashtag.